Domestic service robots may play an important role in the future in supporting people in their homes. For example, disabled or elderly people may benefit from help that these robots provide to enable them to stay in their own homes longer. The intention is not to replace human contact, but to take over chores such as fetching objects, or preparing dishes, to allow professionals to focus more on the person they care for.

Particular challenges are then operating a robot in a cluttered environment, robust perception, flexible and fault-tolerant decision making, and human-robot interaction capabilities.

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The AllemaniACs team is currently not actively participating in the RoboCup@Home League. We have participated in RoboCup@Home since its foundation in 2006 and did so until 2011. While domestic service robots are still a major application area for our research (cf. information about our [RoboLab](/kbsg-lab/)), we follow a more focused approach avoiding the necessity to deal with the many aspects that come up in RoboCup@Home.


Domestic service robots are a major application domain for our research. In the scope of the RoboCup@Home league, we focused in particular on flexible object perception, human-robot interaction, and robust domain modeling and task reasoning in the presence of uncertainty. We have also investigated how persistent memory influences these systems.

Selected Publications

Our Involvement

We have driven the early development of the league as member of the Technical Committee. We have also widely contributed to discussions that led to the introduction of a positive scoring system in 2007. We hosted the RoboCup@Home league wiki for ten years (2007-2017). We have also made many contributions to the software eco system. The Red Hat blog has a post from 2008 about these efforts.


The team was led by Stefan Schiffer (2006-2011) and Tim Niemueller (2012 onwards). The team is supervised by Prof. G. Lakemeyer, PhD.

In addition to the team leaders, members of the team were: Tobias Baumgartner (2009), Daniel Beck (2008-2011), Vaishak Belle (2008), Masrur Doostdar (2007-2009), Alexander Ferrein (2006), Bahram Maleki-Fard (2009-2011), Christoph Schwering (2011), and Philipp Vorst (2006).


Awards won by the AllemaniACs team related to the RoboCup@Home league.