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Welcome to the RoboCup@Home-Wiki! This is meant to be a central place to collect information on all topics related to the RoboCup@Home league. This includes but is certainly not limited to hardware, software, media, data, and alike.


Here's a list of important places to jump to in this Wiki

Main Entry Points
Community Portal with quick access to all community communication channels.
Hardware general description of RoboCup@Home-relevant hardware components and links to subcategories
Software general description of software used and/or available for/from RoboCup@Home-teams
Data description of commonly used data formats and links to such data (e.g. sensor logs, maps).
Media links to videos, photos, and audio featuring RoboCup@Home and related content
Publications list of scientific publications related to RoboCup@Home
Rules the current rules of the league
Resources collection of (links to) @home-related resources on the web
Events collection of (links to) @home-related events
Teams teams that have participated or are otherwise affiliated with RoboCup@Home

Getting started

  • Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software (editing, formatting,...).
  • For an introduction to and help on the MediaWiki software see the MediaWiki FAQ
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