RoboCup 2018

By Till Hofmann | June 21, 2018

The team Carologistics came in 3rd place in the RoboCup Logistics League in Montreal on June 21, 2018.

Throughout the tournament, the Carologistics repeatedly struggled with Wi-Fi problems. After the robots did not move, because no communication was possible, all WLAN components were exchanged. The new hardware led to a strong delay and the robots were only minutes later that the game had already started.

Despite the adversities, the team gave everything and was able to work its way forward in the tournament until they were stopped by the new world champion from Graz, who they had defeated in the finals of 2017. The small finals were won by Carologistics, achieving third place in a league that makes major technological leaps every year and shows more and more of what will be possible in the so-called “Smart Factories” of the future.