Soccer Simulation


The Soccer Simulation Competition is organized in different leagues. We started in 2D Simulation and later moved on to the 3D Simulation. The research in the simulation leagues focused on world modeling, high-level decision making and 3D simulation.

World Model Visualization

World Model Visualization

We are not participating in any of the Soccer Simulation leagues anymore.

Selected Publications


The AllemaniACs’ efforts in the different simulation leagues were led by Frank Dylla and Alexander Ferrein and supervised by Gerhard Lakemeyer. Team members were Stefan Jacobs (2D) and Philipp Vorst (3D). Further contributions were made by Norman Jansen (AGT), Savas Konur (DTL), and Stefan Schiffer (QWM).


In June 2006, we participated in the 3D Simulation competition at RoboCup 2006 in Bremen, Germany. In earlier years, we participated in the 2D Simulation competitions at the German Open.

RoboCup Soccer Simulation Links and Software

Required Libraries

  • SPADES System for Parallel Agent Discrete Event Simulation
  • ODE Open Dynamics Engine
  • Ruby An object-oriented scripting language